Crèche Rota

Crèche is available during the Sunday Morning Service

April 1st           Sarah         Elizabeth        Matthew        Hannah

April 8th          Miriam        Adam             Eve                Isabel

April 15th        Mark           Clare             Adele             Simon

April 22nd       Chris D        Becky B         Stephen         Naomi

April 29th        Gill             Graham G       Lydia             Nathan

May 6th           No Creche

  Sunday Morning Tea Rota

April - Julia and Helena
May - Sue and John

Cleaning for April is Hilda & Peter's
Cleaning Group for May is Christine and Alan's

All the yummy cakes

MacMillian Coffee Morning

Jireh’s "World’s Biggest Coffee Morning" was held on Friday, 25th September and the room was buzzing with chatter as friends met over coffee and cake!

Thanks to everyone that attended £330 (plus gift aid) was donated, to be forwarded to MacMillan.

A HUGE thank you to all who helped to make the day a success, to Julia & Christine who organised us, to those who donated cakes, washed the dishes, and to everyone who took the time to come along and also donated gifts to Macmillan/Cancer Research.

Supporting people in Warrington in crisis situations

Warrington foodbank collects food from donors and makes

this available to individuals and families in need through the

provision of emergency food supplies.


Currently 14% of children in Warrington are living below the poverty line. Parents are going without food in order to feed them.


Can you help with a gift of food? We are collecting the kind of

non-perishable foods detailed below.


Packets of biscuits                  Snacks  

Milk (UHT powdered)             Tea bags 

Sugar (500g)                          Breakfast cereal

Long life fruit juice                Rice pudding              

Tins of soup                          Jar of instant coffe

Pasta sauce                           Instant mash

Rice (500g)                            Pasta(500g)                                 

Tinned meat/fish                  Tinned fruit

Jars of Jam                           Tinned tomatoes




Thank you again for all your donations and help with Christmas Child boxes.

The boxes will be dedicated in the service on 3rd November at 11am - it would be brilliant for as many people as possible to come along, see their handiwork and pray for the journey and the recipients. There will be a collection at this service to pay for the boxes, this year the cost per box has increased to £3 per box ................ But they do go a long way!!!

On Thursday 7th November the boxes will be collected and taken to the Liverpool depot and then they will be taken to:Romania,Zimbabwe.Liberia,Uganda

We decided we would only pack 100 boxes this year. As it was thought that as we have started supporting the food bank this would impact Christmas Child. How wrong we were!! Jireh lived up to its name. Jehovah Jireh means The Lord will provide and he provided well through the generosity of his people!. When we finished packing on the Friday night we realised how wrong our thinking had been as we had lovely things leftover. We added more soap and toothpaste and basics and we managed to pack a further 20 boxes. 122 shoeboxes in all! Thank you to everyone who gave their time and talents to the boxes. Boxes were filled with carefully chosen bought and handmade items. Including lovely knitted hats, gloves and scarves. Fantastic hand and finger puppets, handmade jewellery and a diverse selection of handmade booklets!! Is there no end to Jireh's talents. Also thanks to the faithful box wrappers, box fillers and box checkers (and the group of sadly unsuccessful ring searchers). Apologies to anyone disappointed we didn't pack more boxes!! You're enthusiasm is great and we will try to better next year!! Thank you all!!!! Elizabeth

P.s. Same time, same place, same channel next year!! Plenty of time to find bargains!! Also please let me knows where you can get dolls of different ethnicities!
Created by Helen Petch